Saturday, 25 April 2009

An Impetuous project

Well I had intended to make my first project for my new favourite ruleset Impetus a 6mm one and bought some War of the Roses figures from Baccus at Salute accordingly. However when I spotted a very nice and large WotR 10mm army with suitable basing I couldn't resist, so I bid and won them for a very reasonable price. They arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with them:

There are 63 bases not including the two camps and command bases giving me over 1200pts worth of units allowing me to field two large armies with options. So I will hopefully be posting some battle reports in the near future, starting with Basic Impetus games, then 300 point games of the full rules and then finally a big 500 point game.


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  1. Hello - just saw these beauties and was wondering where the banners are from?