Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Eagle's Claw completed

So, finally, here is The Eagle's Claw in all their fully painted glory!

Record: P3 W0 D1 L2 F3 A7 Pts1 GD-4
They've been close to complete for quite a long while now. It has been one of those things where because they were basically finished I decided it was worth focusing on other things but never actually got round to completing the project ... until now. There was a slight delay when it came to applying transfers. I tried to apply them to the players' curved shoulder pads but, try as I might, I just couldn't get them to sit so I had to scrape them all off again with a craft knife. Anyway, here they are finished and ready for the field.



  1. Hey there.

    You probably should get something like Microsol (google it). Also, you can make small cuts around the edges of the transfer, so they can fold to meet the curved surface.


  2. Hi Simon, thanks for the tip-off - I will try and find out some more about Micro Sol. I did make some slight incisions around the transfer but even that didn't work. I imagine Space Marine players must have a similar problem!