Monday, 4 May 2015

The Boys in Blue!

Next installment of my pulpy painting progress........
One Police Sergeant in flat cap along with his Constables in Custodian helmets shortly to be defending Law and Order against beings more terrifying than the usual drunks, thieves, burglars and bank robbers!

Though simple figures to paint getting the right shade of dark blue was difficult. They appear a lot bluer in the photos than real life.

I doubt I will ever need all nine for a scenario but with a combination of revolvers, rifles and unharmed/truncheon they give me some options on weaponry they will bring to each game.

I have now ordered the Detective Inspector and Detective Sergeant from Artizan Designs to lead their uniformed colleagues along with some other characters for the P.O.E.T.s faction.

 I may paint on the Sergeants chevrons on his upper arms at some point.

I am also currently waiting for this gorgeous Church I ordered at Salute from 4Ground to arrive:

Not cheap but having seen it in the flesh on one of the display tables at Salute I couldn't resist. This will be the centerpiece for my first themed table.

Hopefully another post soon..... maybe a review of the Church........



  1. love the boys in blue...

    that4ground church looks remarkably like the one I bought from petite properties (the dolls house people) - can't comment on the price as I can't see it on the website - mine cost £49.00 and worth every penny.

    If you want to see the dolls house one just google 28mm church and pick the Shed wars link..

  2. Thank you for the kind comments gentlemen.

    Eric the Shed: The Church does look similar but the one from 4Ground is pre-painted and textured, just requiring assembly. Have you got any pictures of your one completed? I would love to see it.