Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Painting Report

Haven't posted for a while so I thought I would post some pics of the fruits of my labour from last weekend. First up is a British Riflemen for the Zulu wars from Empress Miniatures. This was a commission given to me by one of the guys at the club (Loughton Strike Force). He is doing Rorke's Drift 1:1 and will be sending this figure off with hundreds of his unpainted comrades to one of those painting companies in Sri Lanka to act as a painting guide.

I also based up another French regiment. However they still require some flock, I am waiting for the new small scale flock to arrive from Baccus so I can try this out rather than the longer stuff I normally use. This regiment brings me up to a total of 12 battalions of line, with only three battalions of Legere, a few brigade and divisional commanders, a couple of artillery batteries, skirmishers and a light cavalry regiment to go before my division is complete.

So whats on the painting mat now? Lots and lots of Austrians. I have set myself a bit of a challenge to get a whole brigade of six battalions done in one to catch up with the French. The handy thing with the Austrians however is that apart from command figures they are all identical allowing me to do some speed painting. I will be posting regular updates to keep myself motivated and also to act as step by step guide to how I do my Adlers as requested by David. Heres a pic of all 204 of them ready to go.

Also look out for a 500 point Impetus battle report in the near future.



  1. Cool stuff mate. Can't wait to see the tutorial for the Austrians.

  2. Hey there, thanks for posting on my blog and also for answering my question on plume colours on TMP the other day.

    As I said on there I love your Adler - really blown away by how neat your lines are when zoomed up that close. Have added a link to you :)

  3. Hi guys, thanks for the feedback, I'm going to need the encouragement to get through all these Austrians :). Jonathan, have put a link to your blog too. I like the way you shade your guys, will have to try this out on some of my generals.
    Its nice to see someone else giving these sculpts the attention they deserve, makes me feel less crazy despite what the guys at the club say!