Friday, 22 May 2009

Pointless pontification

A long overdue update by me but I thought I should drop in and outline what I'm currently doing hobby-wise and pontificate pointlessly.
The less said about my painting the better I think. I haven't don't too much since my last update, although I have completed a few of my Blood Bowl team. I am having a bit of a crisis of confidence at the moment though because I'm finding it hard to judge when a figure is finished. A part of me will look at a figure and think about adding just one more highlight or just one more glaze, etc. This usually happens when I have spent too long around one project (this BB team has been on the go for about seven or eight months) and I find you lose a bit of perspective.
Despite this, I feel I'm nearing the end on a project that, in the hands of any normal painter, would've been finished months ago! Anyway, must go an browse the Baccus website for my next project...


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