Sunday, 29 March 2009

Salute report

Yesterday Joe and I went to Salute, one of the UK's biggest wargames shows and I for one had a really good time. From memories of previous Salutes there seemed to be a few spare spaces where traders would normally be but all the ones I was interested in where there and most traders seemed to have nice little crowds round their stalls so hopefully they did well out of the day. As for demonstration and participation games; the standards seem to be as high as ever, notable games for me where the Assault on Innsmouth game by Gloranthan Army, the Perry's Napoleonic game was very nice and the 6mm Wagram game by Newark Irregulars particularly held my interest. So what did I buy? Well I kept reasonably well to my shopping list only giving-in to some lovely GZG 15mm science fiction figures that they have just released and look suspiciously like these guys: What I will do with them I am still considering, any suggestions on 15mm sci-fi skirmish games would be most welcome. Pictures of the figures can be seen here. Other than that I purchased two 6mm Baccus War of the Roses armies for Impetus, I also picked up two copies of the rules - one for my good friend who works for the 'Evil Empire'. I got the Town People and Villager packs from the Perry's Samurai Armies range which I need for a little scenario I intend to do once the 6mm is in a playable state and some other bits and bobs.

I was also able to have some enjoyable chats with a number of people and 'interrogate' Michael Perry about the upcoming War of the Roses range (while admiring the 3-ups) and Peter Berry about future releases for Baccus. All in all it was a very enjoyable day and all thanks to the organisational skills of the South London Warlords, thanks guys.

Next post I hope to give a little review of the Impetus rules which look to be very promising.

PS: We would have pictures but we forgot to bring a camera : ( .



  1. Don't push that red button...

    Might I recommend Mutants and Death Ray Guns for your 15mm skirmish game? I haven't actually played it, but I have played the medieval fantasy version of the rules, Song of Blades and Heroes. And that is defintitely fun.

  2. Thanks Andrew, they look like they might be just the thing! I've heard lots of good things about the Song of.... series of rules.