Thursday, 5 March 2009

Painting revelations and mould lines

Work continues apace on The Eagle's Claw even though you wouldn't really notice it to look at them. Am down to the last few details on a few minis and should have some finished to post next week. I had a 'painting revelation' recently when I discovered that Mordian Blue is a perfect highlight for Necron Abyss (both Citadel Foundation). It was one of those satisfying moments where you realise you have to do slightly less work to achieve a great look mini than you first thought. Call me lazy, but mixing has always seemed like too much effort, although the results can be amazing, and I will always try and find a straight colour to highlight or shade the mini before getting my mixing plate out. Despite this though I'm getting a bit 'mix happy' on the Catchers' red gloves (see my first post) and it's looking pretty good.

I was attempting to clean up some Front Rank HYW minis last night. The mould lines on these things are quite strange, they seem to have two: one going from around the mini from left to right and another going from the front to the back. Needless to say it is not an entirely painless process cleaning these figures up, especially for someone as paranoid about mould lines as myself. I have to say I did get slightly frustrated and so I decided to ditch the project for the night and sought refuge by cleaning up a Citadel Skaven Assassin. You know where you are with GW...


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  1. Good luck with the painting you guys it will soon be the bi-centinary for Eggmuhl

    Best Wishes Dave