Thursday, 26 February 2009

An Introduction

Hello, Tom here. I see Joe has started the ball rolling with the pictures. I'll be posting some of my team soon, but for now I'll post some stuff I've done in the past. I'll also explain the idea behind this blog.

Both Joe and I really enjoy being nosy and looking at all the wide variety of projects, tutorials, discussions, battle reports and pictures other wargamers post on what seems like a vast number of blogs out there. We draw a lot of inspiration from this for our own hobby projects and thought it was time we gave blogging a go and contribute something ourselves. However as a bit of a spin on things we are doing this blog together, one of the reasons behind this are that we can motivate each other to keep posting (and painting!) knowing that at least one other person is reading. It will also mean that there should be a higher number of regular posts, something other blogs struggle to do. Joe and I also have quite different tastes in what we like to collect and game so there should be lots of variety.

So without further ado I'll post my first pictures.

GW Imperial Guard Commissar and Vampire Lady, two commissions I did quite a while ago.

Some lovely Perry Ashigaru. The first of hopefully a large Samurai skirmish collection and the Salute St. George and the Dragon limited edition figure.

Blood Bowl: The Eagle's Claw

So I thought I would dedicate this first post to my primary painting project: my Blood Bowl team. They're called The Eagle's Claw and have only played one match in their partially painted state, a 3-1 defeat to Tom's Orc team. Somehow I took the lead but then the Orcs decided to beat my team off the pitch and I ended the match with only six fit players. I think my next purchase should be an Ogre... Anyway, here are some pictures!