Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Legion Marches!

Though the blog has fallen silent since April I have been a busy bee behind the scenes and progress has been made on two of the four projects I set out in the last post. The first is my completed 300 point Punic Wars Roman Army for Impetus:

The Army arrayed for battle

The Roman Legion Close up

Numidian cavalry with Roman Cavalry in support on the right flank

Italian allied Infantry and Cavalry on left flank

Hastati with Gladii drawn

The Generals
Skirmishing Velites

Roman Cavalry
Italian Allied cavalry

Italian allied infantry

Numidian cavalry plus unfortunate Gaul
With the Romans completed I have ordered 300 points of Carthaginians which came this week and plan to get started with the Libyan infantry which will hopefully appear on the blog shortly.  I also have a second Legion prepped and ready to paint that will bring my Roman army up to the standard 500 point Impetus army. With J painting some Carthaginians as well we will hopefully have enough for a 500 point game soonish.

All miniatures are by Baccus 6mm. Bases are 80mm x 30/40/60mm and are the premium laser cut ones from Warbases. Grass tufts from Tajima1 Miniatures.

Along with more frequent posts I am hoping to give the blog a revamp. Any suggestions on how to make the design more pleasing to the eye are most welcome.

Watch this space for my next post..............................Cultists!