Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Cult of the Unspeakable Nether Tentacle

 As promised some cultists........

These purple robed/green hooded minions are from the Cult of the Unspeakable Nether Tentacle (aka C.U.N.T.s) who along with various guesting Lovecraftian beings will be one of the four sides I plan to paint up for my Strange Aeons/Pulp .45 Adventures games.

In these pictures the unfortunate Miss Marbles appears to have been captured and awaits sacrifice as part of some foul ceremony to summon an horrific creature from another insanity inducing dimension! (or is she their leader...............?)

Already on the painting table are some officers of the law ready to thwart their evil machinations. All these miniatures are from Artizan Designs excellent pulp range which I will be using to build four teams to commence a narrative campaign. The Cult of the Unspeakable Nether Tentacle will be the evil team focusing on arcane powers and summoning cyclopean creatures from other dimensions while a rival team will consist of an evil genius, his assistants and his various deadly inventions. 

On the side of Law and Order will be a Detective Inspector, his faithful Detective Sergeant who has been given the assignment by Scotland Yard to investigate strange goings on across the land and utilize what ever local resources he can commandeer. Along with them in a more covert capacity will be a rag tag collection of eccentrics, investigators, secret agents, war heroes and academics brought together to form a Ministry of Defense; Paranormal and Occult Extermination Team (aka P.O.E.T.s).

I will be painting these along side my Punic Wars project and have already started painting the first units for the Carthaginians.

So stay tuned for the next post.