Friday, 18 April 2014

Return of the blogger

It's been over 4 years since I last posted on this blog. In that time life has changed significantly (all positive!) and made time for painting and wargaming very limited. Many board games have been played but not many little metal soldiers have seen action but now I hope the hiatus is over!

So what can you expect from this humble blogger..........
  • Punic wars with Impetus rules in 6mm - both Joey and myself are big fans of the Impetus rules and plan to make good use of the big bases with lots of 6 mils from baccus. I have already completed the bulk of the Romans (see below for pics) and Joey has already commenced work on the Carthaginian opposition. This is our priority project at the moment.
  • Samurai Skirmish with Ronin rules and Perry Miniatures - I have lots of lead for this but nothing painted as yet. Joey will be painting up a Korean Buntai for this. This will be the second priority to Impetus but with the small number of miniatures needed shouldn't take long for two playable sides to be assembled.
  • Napoleonics 1809 Danube campaign with General de Brigade and 6mm Adlers miniatures -This is the project I initially started the blog for and the one closest to completion as I have almost completed a division a side for the French and Austrians. Just need to get some cavalry done and some more artillery and skirmishers. Once we have Impetus armies up and running I will likely return to concentrating on this much loved project.
  • Pulp/Lovecraftian Horror skirmish game with Strange Aeons/.45 Adventure rules and various 28mm figures - This project is the most ill defined at the moment. I have plans to do a story campaign set on some god forsaken isle off the west coast of Scotland, sort of the Wickerman meets Innsmouth. 
And now for some pictures.....

Roman Legion consisting of 2 units of Hastati and 2 of Príncipe with a unit of Triarii and 3 units of Velites.

Roman Cavalry 

Miss Marbles from Artizan Designs soon to face Eldritch Horrors.