Tuesday 30 May 2017

Pulp Alley: The Leagues - Doctor Borgstrom's Laboratory

Been quiet on the blog recently but in the meantime I have managed to paint up another Pulp Alley League. I present Doctor C.Y. Borgstrom and minions.....

Doctor Borgstrom is the epitome of the genius scientist turned evil. Laughed at by his colleagues at the Stockholm University for his wild theories and strange experiments this ridicule pushed him to conduct even more extreme research until he was expelled from the mainstream scientific community. Now he lets no man or morality stand in his way......... the progress of science is all that matters!

Simply called "The Experminent"; this sidekick is one of Doctor Borgstrom's more successful attempts in combining human DNA and Shoggothian biology............

Gurnie and Ernie Goon are two of three triplets that work for the Doctor as loyal lab assistants. No one really knows what happened to Bernie; he disappeared shortly after incurring the Doctors wraith by dropping a vial of biological material that had been months in the making.......

One of the Doctors favourite non-experimental pets; Adolphus is a loyal dog named after the famous Swedish general.

The Doctor's experiments are not just biological but the mechanical as well. Recently he has developed a design for a small swarm of Mini-bots that work with a hive mind to better compute how to destroy the Doctor's enemies! This is my first go at using the Gang rules in Pulp Alley to make a character.

In the addition to the above the Doctor can bring along an additional character using the Boom Bot gadget choice. This variant of the Mini-bot is equipped with a highly unstable plasma gun that has a tendency to explode!

I am still play testing the league to see what the best combination of characters and stats are but it will be a gadget/bastion of science league which should be lots of fun to play. I will post the league character cards when I have settled on a setup for them.

I also painted up these beauties from Otherworld Miniatures.

These can be used in a number of ways in my Pulp Alley games as plot points, mobile perilous areas, summoned creatures or as a gang character.

Next on the painting table for Pulp Alley are Mi-go (to make a fifth league), more non-player characters, a well and a vicious looking Dark Young from Fenris which will be my first Terror character. I am also planning a new board which will be a harbour with factory/warehouse, crane and cargo ship. So much to do, so little time. Hopefully another update soon.....


  1. Fantastic! Great looking league all round. I especially love the bots though. The rats will be very useful too.


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